Tuesday, November 1, 2016

فونكي فيكن || ألبوم راب عربي من انتاج دي جاي جودمان Funky Fikon | Rap Album produced by Dj Goadman

What I respect the most about Lebanese/Armenian Dj Goadman is his work ethic, he keeps pushing himself and somehow also empowering the Arabic rap scene. He has a certain love and feel to authentic sounds, he was lucky enough to open up to acts like Tech N9ne, Bone Thugs, Ghostface and many others along playing in a lot of clubs.

Funky Fikon is his latest project and it is something worth checking since it has 17 rappers all spitting on beats PRODUCED by Goadman himself. The album has a very cool/fresh sound; something we really need in Arabic Hip-Hop and for people to not always associate Arabic rap to revolutions and always hardcore beats.  This album includes some of the best rappers in Arabia and also some of the upcoming ones. I love how each track has Goadman's scratch on it, adding his touch to it. The album has tracks collected since 2014 and was just released a week ago.

These are the rappers involved in the project, Bu Kolthoum (Syria), Malikah (Lebanon), Edd Abbas (Lebanon), Hamorabi (Lebanon), Rushzilla (Egypt), Bill Amaliyeh (Lebanon/US), Black Drama (Saudi), Satti (Jordan), Jnood Beirut (Lebanon), WMD (Tunis), ILL Paz (Palestine), ElNasser (Egypt/Qatar), Katibe 5 & Yaseen (Palestine) & Anas Arabi (Syria/KSA). I was also blessed to give a small intro at the beginning

The album is based on some great sampling wether its Jazz, Soul, Funk and Old "Tarab".

I personally would click play and get to know this new and cool sound of Arabia accompanied with some great scratching and lyrically it is up to a level where I can call it a classic in the making. 

I love these initiatives simply because it just connects us more and it gives more awareness on our movement, I would only wish to have some GCC countries included, because I truly believe there are some great rappers in GCC that deserve also the exposure. More power to Dj Goadman and all the rappers that participated in this project. S/O to Anas Arabi for mixing and mastering. 

Go Ahead and listen to the FULL Album BELOW!

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