Saturday, October 29, 2016

Sudanese Sampled Beats | Sammany Hajo

Left: Maha Jafar, Me & Hadeel 

Yesterday, I had the honor of meeting Maha Jafar, if you do not know her, then you should get acquainted, shes a comedian, a Youtuber and a dope personality all the way from lovely SUDAN. I also met her "Partner in Crime" - Hadeel, they both are super funny and humble. 

This all happened in Dubai Design District at the Youtube "Meet & Greet" stand. There were many Youtubers such as Saudi Reporters, FlyWithHaifa and MoVlogs/Money Kicks and many more. 

I was also inspired by the positive vibes the Sudanese community has, I got to meet Doha (Dope photographer)  and Mohamad Abk (Co-Founder of Blank Space), also shout out my sisters from Syria Haneen and her friend :) 

There was so many positive vibes, I was truly inspired. 

Then Doha & Mohamad requested I checked a Sudanese producer living in Qatar by the name of Sammany & I just DID and guess what, I was blown away with his talent, his authenticity, his vibes! 

Left to right: "my sis from Syria, Me, Doha, Mohd Abk, Maha Jafar & Haneen" 

Check out the brother, as he is truly incredible. Shout out to SUDAN and whole Arabia. Just click PLAY !!

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