Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Talk Thru || A project that allows you to dive into a stranger's life

Couple of weeks ago, I was happy to meet Sara & Roba , the women behind the project "Talk Thru" and had a great time talking to them on camera about random things. I loved their simplicity, I loved the questions and I want to thank them for having me on their channel.

I have always believed that "normal" citizen are our true heroes. The ones that don't get a lot of exposure. What I mostly loved about meeting them is I actually got to know MYSELF a bit more and that's incredible.

Go Support them. 

These are the episodes. 

Usually their interviews are 5 min and less but I am a RADIO GUY! kept talking and I just want to say to them .. "Great EDIT sisters!" ;) 

Part i:

Part ii

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