Friday, February 11, 2011

RE-VOLTING : EGYPT : The Sound of Freedom | Sout Al Horeya | صوت الحريه | Amir Eid

11th February,2011 Mr. Mubarak steps down as President of Egypt (Been in that position for 30 years). So much solidarity & respect came out during this amaizng uprise that was lead by the youth & real people of Egypt. So many tracks came out in support of this courageous peaceful revolution that overcame a regime which again shows that music is an essential part of our lives.

Power to the people..for now its Celebration time Egypt "Sound of Freedom is calling you" ..But i know you are focusing on rebuilding that nation soon...Mabrook ya Masr!

We also have to salute the people that lost their lives during this uprise..I salute your souls..

1 love & respect from your brother Big Hass from Re-Volt Radio.

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