Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Colin Dean | Live At Joe's Pub NYC | Rebel Featuring Maya Azucena, Eternia & Hasan Salaam

Was checking out Hasan Salaam's videos & I came across this! This is high energy in the building!
Mad love to Eternia & Maya Azucena Check it out!
Hasan Salaam is just one of the best MC's out there! Eternia is her regular positive beast on that mic & you got the sweet voice of Maya! Cant get better.

Good Music is out there.. you just need to change the way you search for music..change the channel.


  1. nothing like that jazz

    there some dope videos you should check out on youtube

    Gina Loring-What Happened To My Love .live
    Digable Planets -Lester Bowie, Joe Sample. live
    they have the same energy real hip hop.

    hey BIG HASS can you post more videos.and articals? like post 2 posts a day :) i want to RE-VOLT all day evreyday yo

  2. Thanks bro.
    I love Gina Loring. I actually interviewed her when I first started Re-Volt!

    Inshalla ill be posting up more video & articles thanks for thee support