Thursday, February 3, 2011

RE-VOLTING: ARABIAN KNIGHTZ feat. LAURYN HILL - Rebel (1st song released from Egypt recorded during Revolution) 2011

In the midst of Revolution, Egyptian rap group, Arabian Knightz, releases the first song to come out of Egypt since the revolution and complete internet/communications blackout. The song titled, "Rebel", is produced by, Iron Curtain, and features a sample of Lauryn Hill on the hook. "Rebel" was recorded right in the middle of the Revolution and subsequently is being released on the first day of restored internet services.

Due, to the uncertainty of the communications situation in Egypt right now, Arabian Knightz have opted to release the raw, unmixed track because they need the world to hear their message. As of right now, they are the voice for the people of Egypt.

Arabian Knightz, is a Cairo-based rap outfit, comprised of emcees: Rush, Sphinx, & E-Money. They record music with both Arabic & English lyrics.

"Rebel" is an emotionally empowering song that captures the heart, courage & spirit of the Egyptian people currently embattled in a Revolution against an oppressive leadership.

You can listen to the track here below (Click Play)

You Can Download the Track (Mediafire - MP3)

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