Wednesday, June 13, 2018

"NoBody" : Street Art for EVERYBODY !

It didn't take a lot for me to get excited about the latest project from Soutrotter .. its captivating because it captured human values and existential through street art and spoken word.  

I couldn't but to reach out to Philip Jamal Rachid and Dusty Dust to get a closer input about this...

"This project is created to bring street artists from different parts of the world together and show the region how we can break the norm and deliver content with depth and authentic" said Philip who is half Bulgarian, Half Iraqi/Kurdish and grew up in Amesterdam, "..So, officially, I never really belonged anywhere. Until I universally found myself in arts.."

Dusty Dust, Bahraini B-Boy

Dusty Dust, who is a Bahraini B-Boy (one of my fav in the Middle-East) is behind the dance in the below video, "..It's Like being afraid of nobody is the reason why nobody exists. Be The Difference inbetween everybody..." Dusty Dust expressed his feelings about the project.

"We as humans are more than our looks and what we have. We are spiritual beings ans with our energy we can mae a positive change. It is all about REALIZING that.." Philip told me..

Music was done by Ynot - An allround Artist/Bboy/Beatcreator from USA and Vice President of the Legendary Rock Steady Crew

Motion Graphics are done by the talented Russian artist Anastasia Maystrenko and supervised by Gary Fedorenko / JJAgency.

Watch the full video below from Dubai to the WORLD..
#Proud of the guys..

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