Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sri Lankan/Filipino - Dubai Based Rapper "Menon" releases 'REGULA' & ITS DOPE!!

Menon - Regula 

I first met Menon at "Rayan's" place about 3 months back. I wanted to meet this young fella because I felt that he had a lot to say. He's half Sri Lankan half Filipino, born and raised in Dubai. He had endured a lot in his life and I for one was/is ready to hear what he has to say. 

We sat down and he took me through some of his new work that "Rayan" was producing. I felt the vibe.. felt the passion and hunger.. felt the words and wanted to support..

Love this!

He has been waiting for today to release his single "REGULA" fully produced by "RAYAN" who always does a great job capturing the artist's vibe and energy and suiting the beat to him/her plus he always have his points that really make a huge difference in how the artist deliver. Mad respect to him.

Song was just dropped on "Anghami" and also the video which was amazingly shot/directed by Eazy World Peace is now LIVE!! 

Before you see the video & be amazed, this is what Menon told me about the track "Regula is about self realization and self empowerment, it's about embracing and flaunting your inner misfit."

I also got this quote from Eazy World Peace about the track 
"When I first heard it I felt a sense of triumph intertwined with an underdog-climbing-to-the-top vibe. I was in the studio with the guys as they made it so my feelings were generated during the creative process of the song"

"We realized that a big part of his life comprised of being an outcast of some kind. But it more from the view that it could be an empowering dynamic. It takes a lot more courage and strength to accept and embrace being different, being an odd number in an even system. I think that's when we realized what his music was going to be about. He was a spokesperson for anyone feeling the negative effects of social pressure, anxiety, or fears of fitting in. That talk basically gave birth to 'Regula". Rayan Bailuni (Producer of the track)

enjoy this & show this young brother some love & support... 

Video is below... 

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