Sunday, September 10, 2017

Hamza Hawsawi X Shébani Event in Boom Room Dubai


9th Sept,2017 will be a night to remember not only because it featured two of the best singes/songwriters we got in Arabia but because it proved that the crowd will vibe/rock with original music performed by local/regional artists. 

I got so much to say but I will leave this blogpost to share with you few pictures from that incredible night. Saudi sensation "Hamza Hawsawi" proved once again he's a force to reckon with not only in the Middle-East but in the world. Shébani's hard passion & dedication are admirable and something that should be respected. I am also very proud of producer/performer/genius "RAYAN" who really set up a great and entertaining show. 100% of the music performed that night was his production! Dj Liutik who opened up the night was also incredible in setting up the mood for the night and putting everyone in the right vibe in between sets. 

It was an honor to put together and host this event. Thank you to everyone that showed up & supported. There were so many artists hanging out together & showed love. It felt amazing seeing all these artists chatting/talking after the show. At the end of the day we ONE movement...One Unit striving to showcase talent do exists in the Middle-East and it's in everyone of us. We just need platforms to showcase and that's hopefully what I tried to do that night...

Here are some pix from that night... THE BEAT is officially LIVE in Dubai..On to the next one.

All Pix below are by the incredible Waleed Shah

Big salute to Boom Room Dubai (In Stereo Arcade) for having us. What an incredible venue it is!

Shout Out to G-Shock Middle-East for providing the artists new watches

We also gotta shout out Careem UAE for supporting us!!

Dj Liutik 

Shébani & RAYAN

Shébani rocked that stage..

It Was an honor hostin/putting together this event. Proud.

Hamza Hawsawi rockin with the crowd



You can not make that VIBE UP... Incredible Night @ The Boom Room Dubai

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