Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Rest In Power Prodigy | This is how I will remember you

Prodigy | 1974-2017

This is how I will remember him. 

In November 2015, I attended Sole DXB, one of Dubai's coolest urban events offering contemporary street culture with distinctive Middle Eastern flair. The renowned event is a meeting point for regional and international artists, designers all in promotion of urban culture. 

I was so excited to be finally attending such a grand platform! One of my goals that day was to check out Narcy's installation and to support him. His pop-up shop was basically a stand alone baqala (Middle Eastern small grocery store) where he exhibited his #iraqafella & #WATM trademark urban wear and accessories. 

The adrenaline rush of meeting your favorite artists is always a positive stamp. People were buzzing in the store, fascinated by Narcy's installation and merchandise. His mom – may Allah bless her – was his number one supporter as she was witnessing her son's success. For a moment, everyone became silent. Even Narcy seemed quiet – almost in shock - and was humbled by the presence of a legend in the hip hop realm. Guess who walks in? Prodigy of MOBB Deep! WHAT?! That was the first and last time I saw him. He was accompanied by his partner "Havoc"

I notice Narcy whispering to his mother in arabic “I used to listen to these guys when we were kids!” A proud moment I am sure for him and for his mom; and I honestly couldn't help myself but share my pride and amazement at Prodigy's humility and show of support towards an Arab hip hop artist.


In a baqala: it couldn't get any more “street” than this. I am privileged to have briefly crossed paths with a legend, an iconic figure in Hip-Hop.

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