Monday, June 12, 2017

The Flipside DXB | For All Things Vinyl

Shadi Megallaa (Founde of FlipSideDxb) 

About 3 weeks ago, A vinyl store opened its doors in Dubai giving the UAE and the GCC an authentic spot for vinyl lovers. Shadi Megallaa who is a Dj and one of the coolest personalities in the UAE has taken the step of launching The Flip Side DXB which is an independent record store based in Unit 71, Alserkal Avenue in Dubai. 

I had the pleasure to visit the store and fell in love with it and the vibes there. I also walked out with few goodies :) 

I asked Shadi few questions and he was generous enough to answer them. Check it out & go support the fam

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BIG HASS: You're very passionate about vinyl, why? what does vinyl culture mean to you? 

Shadi Megallaa : Vinyl culture to me is everything. Its the past, present & the future all rolled up in one. Listening to music on vinyl is the closest we as humans have ever got to time traveling. Its not about the medium itself, but its about the music. If you want to discover music from all around the world. Vinyl is the only way. 

BH: Flip Side has been open now for approx 3 weeks What has been the highlight so far?

SM: The highlight was definitely the opening. It was such a long process to get up to that point. Seeing people enjoying vinyl & a lot of them being in a record shop for the 1st time in their lives was mind blowing & so surreal. 

BH: What was the biggest challenge in launching such a store? 

SM: The biggest challenge was having to be patient & not giving up. All good things take time. That was something I learnt the hard way. A year and a half or so is a very long time to be working on one single project.

BH: For people who don't know/don't appreciate vinyl, why is it important for them to visit Flip Side? What's your future plans for Flip Side DXB?

SM: You don't have to buy & collect vinyl to enjoy being in a record store. People don't go to a museum to buy paintings. They go to absorb them. A record shop is no different

BH: What's your future plans for Flip Side DXB?

SM: I have plans of doing a lot more in-store events not only showcasing DJs but also live music. We also plan to show music documentaries once a month as well as listening sessions. People are always listening to music while doing something else. Sometimes you need to leave everything & dedicate time just to listen to music. It seems like a very simple thing to do, but peoples attention spans are so short these days with all the social media. There is a lot more to come. We haven't even scratched the surface.

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