Wednesday, May 28, 2014

SYRIA (RESTORE) HAPPY - Pharrell #RestoreHappy

Beats, Rhymes & Relief & Love4Syria Launched #RestoreHappy, a fun video showcasing the resilience of Syria's children as they dance , smile & sing along to "Happy" . The video is a public relations appeal to support education and medical relief programs for Syrian Children

Read more about it HERE (Press Release)

The Children of Syria deserves happiness, they deserve to live their childhood, the one that is being "Stolen" from them. This video makes me smile to see the positivity & the hope in these souls BUT at the same time, I teared the first time I watched this, I teared not because I am an Arab; but because I am a human being that believes in equality for all.

This is the perfect reply to the sick minded people...I just feel sad & ashamed that I can not do anything to change these kids future. I salute the Beats,Rhymes & Relief & Love4Syria foundations for taking such an initiative in attempt to restore Happy. Watch it & please share everywhere.

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