Saturday, May 17, 2014

Meeting The Legendary Chuck D (Public Enemy) in Beirut !

It was the early hours of the 14th May'14. I was checking my twitter feed and of all a sudden decided to search for "Chuck D" & to my surprise , I found a link that stated "CHUCK D in Beirut giving a talk about Hip-Hop in AUB on 15th May" 

I literally jumped off my seat & without thinking started to find a ticket from Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) to Beirut (Lebanon) - I did not have enough time & at around 3AM on 15th May (Exact Day of the talk) - I Managed to book my flight & flew to Beirut to meet this legendary soul. I was very excited as one of the community leaders in Beirut (Jackson Allers) arranged a small gathering with Chuck D & some of the local Hip-Hop Artists & few journalists/media guys. The second i walked into the cafe , I could glimpse Chuck & he recognized me and we embraced & i admit I felt emotional and respected in every single way. He is a soul that is true to all the things he says on his tracks and I respect that. 

We had a great discussion and talked about the importance of being collective, United & believing in your work. He spoke highly of Hip-Hop artists such as Jasiri X , Brother Ali & Immortal Technique. It was a nice chat up! 

We then had one of the best walks of my life , where we walked from the Cafe to the American University Of Beirut (Where the talk was being held) and it took us around 15-20 min but we all didnt feel it as we were havin great one on one talks with this legend who was walking the streets of Beirut!

Below are some pix 

Chuck D Supporting Local Hip-Hop Crew "Fareeq Al Atrash" 

The Walk 

The Discussion / The Connection with a legend 

Chuck D with community leader Jackson Allers 

Selfie up with Mazin & Hani 

Local Hip-Hop Artist El-Rass speaks with Chuck D 

Big Selfie with Chuck D ! Left To Right Chyno, Mazin, Atticus & Jackson Allers

Chuck D's Business Card !

The Walk to the lecture Hall (AUB) with Chyno & Mazin 

A Humble Soul 

Some Fans of the great Chuck

Where the talk took place 

The Talk that Chuck D had in AUB was truly inspiring , full of history facts and to the point. I loved it when he shouted me out, I loved it when he referred to himself as an EARTHIAN - A Citizen of the world & how we are all ONE BODY. His emphasis on being collective was again mentioned - "Stay The Course, Travel The Earth" Chuck D said ; We had a quick Q/A and at the end, the FULL packed lecture hall gave a huge applause to this man & his mind. 

One of the best moments in my life. Meeting, Connecting, Building & Chilling with the one & only , the legendary Chuck D

Thank you Beirut, Thank You AUB, Thank you world! Blessed 

Chuck D - Photo By BIG HASS 

I also had the honor to interview Chuck & only for few minutes & thankfully I had with me Jackson Allers who took care of the footage & did a great job in capturing this historic moment. 

I feel blessed and honored. Hamdulilah 

You can find the FULL VIDEO Interview below:

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