Monday, December 16, 2013

One Be Lo Testimony | Thank You!

Earlier this October'13, I hosted One Be Lo In Jeddah , it was real amazing. 
Reason why I am writing this post is because One Be Lo wrote a great testimony about his visit here and I really appreciated that coming from a calibre artist like him. His support & words means a lot to me. 

This is what he said..

" When we all linked, I think this building session lasted a few hours. I met some talented artists in Jeddah, who had their own incredible unique stories, but they all still sounded so familiar. Nothing about it was foreign, or even less relevant than my experiences elsewhere. Hip Hop, the struggle, or whatever we wanna fill in the blank is universal. 
Anyway, be on the look out for some of the artist from that region. They're putting in work, and the brother Big Hass is putting in work to help build the scene there as well. 

Big Hass has a blog and radio show where he also plays authentic HipHop music from the U.S. And Artist from all over, in attempts to expose more people in the area to hiphop outside of the commercial and mainstream channels. I call it Connecting the dots. And you don't have to be a rapper, a DJ, famous, or infamous to spread art, love and peace. Talent is everywhere that people exist. It's not about one artist, or one city, but the whole culture. The culture of HipHop, but most importantly the culture of people in general. 
For further interest, check out the Homie Hass Dennaoui aka Big Hass. He knows more about the scene there in Jeddah. Thanks again for the invite." One Be Lo (Nashid Sulaiman)

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