Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hosting Hip Hop Artist One Be Lo in #Jeddah


I have been following Hip Hop artist One Be Lo for a while now and I became a fan because of his powerful lyrics & humbled attitude. 

He recently hit me up via twitter telling me that he was in Riyadh (1 hr, 30 min) flight from my city Jeddah. With no hesitation - I sent him an invite to come for a day to discover the city & meet up some local artists in which he humbly agreed & we on!

We conducted the meeting at Universal Legends Studios - whom I wana shout out. Appreciate them giving me their space to do this. Salute fam

It was a real honor to host him in Jeddah , spent the whole day with the brother , just going around the city & talking about the industry , hip hop , Islam & life! Prayed "Isha" with him.. -  The bridge is now established - lets start building...

I know he's a Balla - so went to one of the best street basketball courts 

One Be witnessing the Red Sea 

One Be Lo meeting some local artists - in here Tim Granite from Run Junction 

Left To Right: Tim Granite , Gus, One be lo, Myself, Moh Flow & Abz 

It was an honor  - Thank you One!
Praying Isha at the Masjid (Jeddah, Saudi)

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