Thursday, June 23, 2011

TEDxArabia talk | Ziad Jarrar | Sin Square

My fam Ziad Jarrar is one inspiring brother. He has showed me a lot in my media corporate career - but his positive approach towards life is truly one of a kind. The guy is just a perfect speaker & you would love listen to him.

As a marketing and communication expert, Ziad’s experience has taught him to always look at the big idea, the big picture and always keeping the objective clear and in focus by simplifying it, definitely Ziad addresses the details of the big picture but in a way that keeps the perspective simple, practical and purposeful.

Growing up, Ziad’s life was filled with experiences that taught him that life is too real to be addressed ideologically, he believes people are in need of simplicity and common sense, an approach through understanding that no one can argue with, one that aims at reminding people of the big picture.

Ziad’s brand of Insanniah positions him as a “Life Coach”, one who is able to engage people to provoke their thinking and share ideas on how we may look at things from a different perspective, one that could help us to change for the better.

As a public speaker, Ziad’s style of engaging people has been welcomed by his audience as captivating, refreshing and engaging always leaving them intrigued by the thoughts he’s provokes.

He recently spoke @ Tedx Arabia - This is how it went (Brilliant!!)

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