Thursday, June 30, 2011

" 1 n 2's Hustlin" The Mixtape by DJ Lethal Skillz

DJ Lethal Skillz , in my opinion, one of the founding members of this Arabic Hip-Hop movement that I been supporting! He has so much passion & has sacrificed a lot for this. I respect his work tremendously. He has helped so many upcoming artists reach a great level of maturity & work ethic..Its up to these artists to learn from one of the best.

For now - DJ Lethal Skillz just released a Mixtape " 1 n 2's Hustlin' " which is a personal Mixtape that reflects the past 3 & half years since he decided to retire from the corporate world & dedicate himself to producing, turntablism & empowering the Arab Hip-Hop movement in Lebanon & around the world.

Skillz says "This is dedicated to Hip-Hop & all the peeps around the world who were lucky enough to witness & live that era of hip hop..its an educational hip hop mixtape"
Enjoy this & spread the word !

THE FULL MIXTAPE (Click Play Below)

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  1. Much Respekt to brotha Hass for continuous support to the HipHop movement in Mid East Region!! We need more Hass'sssssss and more Re-volt Radio's around this freakin Planet.

    Keep it up!