Monday, January 3, 2011


Time Out Beirut is a arts, culture and entertainment magazine. A guide to all that is happening in Beirut every month both in print and online. It's part of the International group Time Out which has over 37 city magazine's around the world.

They provide a platform for up and coming musicians in Lebanon by supporting them through the magazine and online and through promotion of events.

I caught with Naomi Sergeant whose is the Director of Time Out Beirut to have a discussion about the magazine business in Lebanon & the Middle East, their support to non-commercial artists & their future plans & her views on FM radios in Lebanon.

Cover on the right was the Nov'10 issue & was actually designed by the Gorillaz themselves since they had a phenomenal show in Beirut & was actually interviewed by Timeout Beirut. You can find that interview along many others & news about Beirut City in TimeOut Beirut Official Website:

I would like to Thank Naomi for her time & wish you guys all the best!

**RE-VOLT was featured on Timeout Beirut in their double issue Dec'10/Jan'11

THE FULL AUDIO INTERVIEW(click play below):

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