Saturday, January 1, 2011


I was lucky to actually play Arabic Hip Hop for the first time on the Radio in Lebanon. I believe radio stations there dont play & support any Arabic Hip Hop artists which is a big shame.

My man Freddy from Radio Lebanon (96.2FM) has a show called the TRIP & he invited me over to play some of the tracks that RE-VOLT has been playing ONLINE..
Big Shout out to him for letting me do this .

I really enjoyed this set & tell you the truth I felt proud hearing songs like Long live Palestine by Lowkey & Al Kofeyye Arabia by Shadia Mansour being played on the Lebanese National Radio! The set also included tracks by Offendum, The Narcicyst, DJ lethal skillz & many other MC's! (Check it out below & let me know what you think)

The FULL RADIO SET is available here:


  1. I don't like the fact that some of the artists that concern resistance directly aren't being involved in your music. Your music is gradually turning into Arabic Hip Hop only, while still closing up on resistance music. I'm very unimpressed.

  2. peace Anonymous:
    1. it cant get more resistance than lowkey,shadia.
    2. hip hop is about lyrical liberation.
    3. no arabic nation plays arabic hip hop tunes instead they play us 50 & all..we should support each other.
    4. leave a name next time.

    anyway hope u find ur way to the music i play.
    tune in to my show if u want
    hit me up on my email.

    5. impression isnt wat im lookin for. \i want people to get to know that arabic hip hop is its own movement that contain topics on social/life/political stuff.