Friday, October 15, 2010

RE-VOLT RADIO INTERVIEWS : DR.DAHLIA WASFI (An Activist with Passionate Voice)

I first came across Dr. Dahlia Wasfi from one of the posts that Lowkey put on his page. I looked her up and listened to her work. She is brilliant & a strong voice we all got to support.

She is an Iraqi/American Activist that decided to put her Medical Career on hold & speak up against the War in Iraq & other US military activity.

I had a great discussion with Dr. Dahlia on her decision to stop her medicine career, her thoughts on Arab Leaders, situation in Iraq & her opinion on how the Arabic Hip Hop movement is crucial in all this.

In my opinion, she is saving lives now; but in another way!
In Solidarity! I want to thank Dr. Dahlia for her time to come on Re-Volt Radio. Big up to Lowkey for introducing me.

You can follow Dr. Dahlia Wasfi by checking out her website:

THE FULL AUDIO INTERVIEW(just click play below)

Tracks in the interview courtesey from Lowkey (the beginning) + The Narcicyst (After the interview)

Check out this inspirational Speech by Dr. Dahlia!

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  1. I have had the honor of exchanging comments and some information with Dahlia and she is just a beautiful person. She has inspired me and others to stand up and do what we can to stop this illegal occupation and economic strangulation of one of the greatest civilizations on earth. In Solidarity! Dr. Dahlia Wasfi. In Solidarity!