Friday, October 29, 2010

RE-VOLT & PhonoSapien Productionz Present:AL Jisr Hip Hop Mixtape "Bridging Cultures" Part 1

Hip-Hop is a universal language & a bridging communication tool. Hip Hop isn't dead..its more alive than ever with the rise of Hip Hop Artists from all around the Globe.. You just got to change the channel & know where to listen.

From this perspective,
Re-Volt Radio & DJ Lethal Skillz are launching a series called "AL Jisr" Bridging Cultures where we get you artists from all over the world mixed on 1 track showing the true meaning of hip hop & unity.

It is a small attempt from our end & inshalla more countries & more artists will be featured in the next ones :)

Mad respect to all the artists that are featured & to DJ Lethal Skillz for doing a brilliant job with the Mixing. Check out all these amazing shout outs during this Mix!
For legal purposes - the Mixtape will be only for streaming.

Stay Re-Volted...

AL JISR MIXTAPE (Please leave your feedback!)


  1. MashaAllah, NICE!

  2. Tim Granite: Big UP to Big Hass and DJ Lethal Skillz!

  3. Tim Granite: Big UP to Big Hass and DJ Lethal Skillz!

  4. Tim Granite: Shouts out to Big Hass and DJ Lethal Skillz!!

  5. Hats off to my brothers who made this record real.

    hats off...

    Moe Ali

  6. sounds sick n crazy! need 2 download it but aint got an idea how!keep hiphop alive!
    A.B Salagoor

  7. Word up for the great work ,,
    showing all the respect ppl,,

    One Fam ,,

    Ahmed Jay

  8. big up stormtrapppppppppp!