Thursday, September 9, 2010


My talented creative friends Laith Majali & Nasser Kalaji from Immortal Entertainment have been making some noise for quite some time now in the Arab World in terms of setting up good shows with great artists!

On the 29th July,2010; they organized a show "Once upon a Sound" in Amman, Jordan that featured
B+ & E. Coleman (Mochilla)
Quantic, Omar Offendum & Amman's own DJ Sotusora. I actually decided to fly from Jeddah to Amman last minute for a day to catch this & it was worth it.

I got introduced to new music, new vibe, new artists & got to see Offendum rock the stage (check out a quick video of Omar performing). Music was brilliant with soul, vinyls from Brazil,LA, Ethiopia, Beirut, Cairo.Records that travels from Jazz to Salsa to hip hop, funk & soul. The whole night was epic and Immortal Entertainment gave us a surprise by having Jay Electronica who rapped & took the stage. This was an epic night in every single way.

After the show, I caught up with B+ who was really generous enough to provide me with copies from the TIMELESS project that Mochilla did in honor of J. Dilla (R.I.P).

This is the FULL AUDIO INTERVIEW (in the heart of Amman,Jordan) "just click play"

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