Friday, September 24, 2010


Based in Saudi Arabia but originally from Syria.. Black Bannerz are about to make some real big noise in the Arab region & internationally as well..

"Music Revolution" is the name of their debut Double Album that they are working on at the moment..its revolutionary in its beats, its language & the messages behind it. As described by them, just the use of the "Original Arabic Tongue" (Fusha Language) is a revolution of its own.

It's a double album, an Arabic & English sides with guests like Shadia Mansour, Malikah, Hasan Salaam on the Arabic Side & get
Immortal Technique, Vinnie Paz, Sean Price, R.A The Rugged Man, Chino XL, Crooked I, Reef The Lost Cauze, Nino Bless, Planet Asia, Scram Jones,Beyond Belief, Kool G Rap,King Magnetic (yes go ahead & say "damm")

These are names that will be featured in the album, with tracks especially made for Black Bannerz! These are heavyweights people ! Its heavyweight in a way that they got Mike Tyson featured up on a track !! :)

All tracks are produced by Orient Squad.

There is no specific date for the release of the album; but it could be stay tuned.

I caught up with S.O.T.A & Holywar from Black Bannerz for an amazing Interview on Re-Volt Radio to discuss this album among other things!.
You can check the full audio interview below.

THE FULL AUDIO INTERVIEW (just click play)

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