Friday, June 25, 2010


Nizar Wattad a.k.a RAGTOP is a Los Angeles-based screenwriter and hip-hop artist, born in Palestine and raised in the Tennessee hills,USA.

He is currently penning feature films for Walt Disney Pictures, ART, and Golden Globe-winning director Hany Abu-Assad – as well as developing his own indie project Land of the Brave, an official selection for the 2008 Sundance/RAWI Screenwriter’s Lab.

He was also a finalist for the 2006 ABC/Disney Writer’s Fellowship and the 2008 Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab. His musical endeavors include executive-producing the first Arab-American hip-hop compilation Free the P and sold-out performances around the world.

He earned a Bachelor’s in English from the George Washington University in 2001, a Master’s in Screenwriting from the University of Southern California in 2006, and has written and edited for various publications.

I am a big supporter of the Arab Hip Hop scene simply of guys like Nizar who truly carrier the message of Arabs in a civilized way.

I had the privilege to chat with him on so many subjects including his role in "Disney's First Arabic-Language Film". Really interesting conversation.

Nizar's song titled "1948" is epic. Check it out, it explains the whole thing about the Palestinian/Israeli Conflict.
You can listen to it here:


Check out Ragtop's music right here:
** Picture is courtesy of the great Laith Majali.

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  1. WOW MAN He seems a really smart man although i couldn't find the song on you tube but i really admire his work
    lovein what you do man's really cool
    keep it up big _H