Saturday, June 19, 2010


Without a doubt this man does not need any introduction.. He does bring the voice of the voiceless up.
Dr. Norman Finkelstein is a professor of political sciences , His parents were Holocaust survivors and he is an author of several books. He speaks of his experience especially in the Middle East related issues.

RE-VOLT is not a political blog, but I have been following Dr. Norman for quite some time now and it's just fascinating to hear him talk. He always has a point and a prove on that point. I just want to share this interview with the world.

He's been the center of serious political and academic disputes. His books , his lectures are always mind elevating.

This is a new documentary done about Dr. Norman:

I had a very quick chat with Dr. Norman about the role of music & youth in raising awareness in this cause.

I just would like to thank Ms. Shirien Damra for setting this interview up. Also appreciate the time Dr. Norman gave RE-VOLT.

THE FULL AUDIO INTERVIEW (just click play)

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