Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Born in Saudi Arabia..Raised in the USA..Omar Offendum has something to say ladies & gents. A Message of positive vibes music & lyrics. This Syrian-American Hip Hop Artist is true..real & talented!!

He has worked on so many things during his Hip Hop career; worked with real amazing artists such as The Narcicyst, Dj Lethal Skillz & many more.

Omar never forgets where he came from & that is important! You will have to admire his passion for his City "Damascus"& country.

Omar is currently working on his first Solo Album & from the name you could tell its gona be the BOMB!
"Syriana-Americana" - Cant wait for that.

For me; i dont know anybody that takes the Poems of the legendary Nizar Qabbani & puts in English with that smooth style - in his upcoming album we will witness that!.

Revolt will get a small interview with Omar very soon; I wish him luck in his coming tour & looking forward for that chat double O.

Check out OO Freestylin here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFQL3PJz4wo

In the meantime; enjoy these tunes ..Wu Baddi 3eesh (this is his signature shout out)
  1. New Day - Omar Offendum
  2. The Last Arabs - The Narcicyst Feat. Omar Offendum)


  1. Awesome freestylin'! I was just listening to it. About the tunes above, did you record them as a set, because there is no "click" - in order to listen to them :)
    Other than that, I think you are doing an amazing job! Keep rollin'! Got faith in you
    Your #1 Fan for sure :)
    Biggest Love from Nounzie

  2. ThxU !
    Yup its there - just give it sum time & the Music Player will load - then click Play:)