Saturday, December 12, 2009

Infected Mushroom Interview with REVOLT RADIO

Music has no religion/politics

I had a small chat with Duvdev from Infected Mushroom - Check it out!

They had no problem having an interview with me given the fact that they originally come from Isreal & I come from Saudi/Lebanon.

Its corny to say that Music heals the world - with what's going on in Palestine & Isreal - lots of innocent souls are going away - but that doesnt mean that Infected Mushroom are the ENEMY just cuz they hail from Isreal. For me accepting to do an interview with an Arab Based "BLOG" ( im not even an FM Station) & the guys were humble enough to talk to me.

In CASE YOU dont know - Infected Mushroom IS one of the biggest electronic bands out there - like they are really big!

Pardon my French - but I dont see a famous popular Arabic Singer accepting to talk to a BLOG.
(maybe thats just me).

Hope you enjoy it.



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