Saturday, September 26, 2009

Revolt Radio / Special Set

Revolt Radio Special Set Playlist:

  1. Kiss the Rain - Yiruma (Def the best Pianist I heard! such a talented fella & hes only 28 years old - look him up )
  2. SPECIAL SPECIAL REVOLT SONG - Dear Person to Revolt's CEO
  3. Miwawa - Souad Massi ( Algerian Composer - Artist) REALLY TALENTED

All these Guys up there are Talented !!


  1. Loved " Kiss the rain " - truly talented :))
    I HAVE to know the name of the second song hehehe can you give me a hint !!

  2. :)
    yeah that track took alot of success @ the biggest event in my life:)

  3. I knew she would love the piano :) TOUNA, our true talent in the family!

  4. hey.. what happened to all the other posts!!

  5. Heyy there Charls.
    Since i posted new posts - the older ones goes to second page. You could view all my posts by going to the right corner looking for "Blog Archive" there you can click September & find all the older posts & so on :)

    Thx for da support & I hope ur liking the music.
    More to come soon.
    Peace !

  6. yeah yeah i realized that after asking... :)

    thanks for all the great information and fabulous music!

  7. on da contrary - thank u for following.
    Check out the new posts - really talented stuff.
    Cya soon