Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ReVolt Radio Soft Launch..

Have you ever wondered how all these tracks that you hear on the radio are programmed to make you think in a certain way Governments might impose ?

If Yes; then you have found an Underground Online Radio that plays noncommercial Music with really talented artists that some have never been exposed to you because :

1. No agent.
2. No Money
3. Their Song will get you thinking about important matters in life - not just silly stuff...

I'm not saying that I wont be playing famous artist's songs here; but I will be playing songs that other radio stations don't play.

RE-VOLT is a startup online Radio that I been trying to put together since 2006 ; but couldn't find the best way to communicate my message to all of you. I hope this blog reaches as many people as possible.

I hope you enjoy the playlists - Please leave your feedback on my blog.
These Playlists will be updated regularly (every week)

Get Re-Volted !
Hear what's REALLY Out there..

Maybe one day - your support will help me make REVOLT A REAL LIVE RADIO STATION !

Best regards,

Hass Dennaoui
Re-volt Radio Ceo & Founder

Please allow 5-10 seconds for a Music Player to upload @ the bottom of the page ;)

Revolt Radio Set 1 - PART A Playlist:

  1. Breathe (New Release) - PearlJam (A legendary band - great Song!)
  2. FRGT /10 - LinkinPark Feat Chali 2NA
  3. Don't Stop - Chali 2NA
  4. The Narcicyst feat Shadia Mansour - Hamdullalh (A very underground Iraqi/Canadian Artist - hes def passionate about his music - read about him through http://www.iraqisthebomb.com)
  5. Waivin'Flag - Kanaan (An Internationally Known Sumali Artist -Such power & revolution!)
  6. International - Chali 2NA
  7. Jurassic 5 - What's Golden (One of my growing Up Tunes)
  8. Regulate - Warren G Feat Nate Dogg (Ok its a famous song - but you gotta love it when this tune is on a RADIO!)
  9. The Warmth - Incubus (They have other songs than Drive - this is one of them..)
  10. Eurasia - Marc Romboy (Electro Lovers would love this ..feel da beat yaƔll..)
This is Playlist 1 Part A
A lot more to come in the next Dispatch which would be in 2 days !

Stay Tuned to my Facebook Group (Anti Radio/Revolt !)

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  1. All psyched up about the new blog! Let's get everyone to tune in! Keep it up baby :)