Friday, May 5, 2017

BROTHER ALI RELEASES HIS ALBUM ""All the Beauty In This Whole Life" & it's a MASTERPIECE

Brother Ali just released his highly anticipated album "All the Beauty In This Whole Life" and oh God what a masterpiece it is. I woke up on a Friday morning all the way in Dubai and as I was checking my email, I found that my pre-order has arrived and its ready to download and that's exactly what I did, I didn't know what to expect but I knew it will be real.. As I started listening to his song "Special Effects" it HIT ME! i started tearing, i let go and I fell in love with this album already from the 3rd track.

Check out the video of Own Light (What Hearts Are For)

This is a must have and shout out to Rhymesayers and to "Ant" for producing such a gem.

Stream the album below and support this kind of true art. The reason why music was created in the first place is to liberate and that's what Brother Ali's lyrics will do to you..

Bless you brother, I love you and I can't wait to meet you one day.

May Allah Bless you..and thank you for affecting my life in a way that only makes me better. Salam

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