Saturday, March 11, 2017


Dina Saadi is a visual artist based Dubai. She was born in Moscow and raised in Damascus. She holds a BA in Visual Communications. 

She has completed many artwork in public spaces across the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the US. Her style is influenced by Pop Art, rich in colour and pattern. Dina believes in changing the world through art and transforming public spaces into galleries. 
She is very passionate about empowering Arab women to use the streets of the Middle East as their canvas. 

Dina, living and working in Dubai, focuses on her career as a visual artist, muralist and video blogger that travels around the world documenting the various stages of her journey and process. 

Dina Saadi was artist in residence at thejamjar from 15 January to 9 March. 

She is holding a Solo Exhibition in Dubai at JamJar from 
13-23 March,2017 that I truly recommend you checking out. I had the pleasure to take a sneak peek and I LOVED IT !!
Here's the flyer:

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Snapchat: dina_saadi

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