Friday, December 25, 2015

Arab Rappers YOU should KNOW About ... Part i

Hip-Hop is a culture and that culture and art-form has reached Arabia. We got a lot of talent up in here, these are some of the Arab rappers that might not get the proper recognition and that YOU SHOULD totally know about:-

**Please note that in the below list, I am mentioning artists that don't get much recognition & also that only or mainly rap in Arabic and I will have a Part ii soon

  • Bu Kolthoum | Syria 

  • Edd Abbas (Fareeq Al-Atrash) | Lebanon

  • El Far3i | Jordan 

  • Shiboba | Saudi Arabia 

  • Anas Arabi  | Syria/Saudi 

  • Black Bannerz | Syria 

  • Boikutt | Palestine

  • Stormtrap (Asifeh) | Palestine

  • Freek - Somalia (Based in UAE)

  • SATTI | Jordan

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