Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Arab Producers | Hip-Hop | Part I

I've always loved supporting producers, I am gona put out a list of producers I personally vibe to and appreciate (In 2 or 3 Parts). If you feel I need to add anyone, please send me their stuff to & i will check them out.

  • Sandhill (Iraq/Canada)

  • Rekta "Orient Squad" (Syria)

  • Uzi (Saudi/Indonesia) 

  • Bugsy (Saudi/Yaman) 

  • Damar (Jordan)

  • Sufyvn (Sudan) 

  • Mindcircus (Saudi) 

  • Moseqar (Egypt)

  • AY "The Producer"  (Syria)
** Couldnt find a Beat Page for AY but he's one of my fav. His work with his brother Moh Flow & other rappers/R&B artists in the region is admirable. This is one of his beats with Run Junxion

  • Sammany (Sudan/Qatar)

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