Saturday, February 8, 2014

eL Seed | Epic Wall Of Balad | Calligraffiti | Jeddah Art Week | 2014

It comes as no surprise that the artist behind this vibrant perfected artwork is a humble person driven by passion for calligraffiti and for Arabic culture. 

Re-volt magazine had the pleasure and privilege of meeting eL Seed, during his breaks, his chains of concentration and his work flow. 

The formal meet and greet faded away as I joined eL Seed on the crane, and got - away above the ground - up close and personal with his style, his drawing techniques and his vision. Perfection is achieved in the completion of that initial anticipated vision of the mural. The sound of the spray-can, the smell of fresh paint, the sights from above, the echoes of complete dedication and passion. Between humor and seriousness, eL Seed left a majestic imprint on Jeddah, a reason to appreciate and think about art and he evidently left the shadows of a persevering artist - where young calligraffiti and graffiti artists will find inspiration..

Check out the pix below:
** Photo Credit by @Big_Hass

Video of my journey with eL Seed here

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