Monday, September 16, 2013

DJ Sotusura Presents "AL 3ARABI MO5"

"Al 3arabi Mo5" is DJ Sotusura's first 100% Arabic Hip-Hop Mixtape released on CD
A 1h mix including some of the most talented and influential MC's in the region.such as Boikutt,Deeb,Edd,Al Rass, El Far3i,Khotta Ba,MC Amin,Stormtrap,L'Hamorabi,Satti. Production on the cd is also mostly from artisit in the middle east region,Boikutt,Edd,El-Iqaa,Munma,DJ Lethal Skillz,L'Hamorabi,DJ Solo,Damar,Al Jihaz and more....
--- Proud of the fam!

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