Monday, October 15, 2012

Blog Action Day Post 2012 #BAD12 - | RE-VOLT | Music Liberation

So I am in NY City walking with a hip hop journalist talking about the true essence of this art form when all of a sudden he yelled at a kid (around 15 years of age) & said " Hey Kid, when did you get out of the join?" - Kid respond was " What do you mean , I never was in jail...!" - Journalist replies " Ohh , since you have your pants lowered like that - I would tell you what this fashion represents Jail Culture..the fact that they strap you with shackles on your feet - lowers your pants.."

I ask..

Is it cool to dress that way? Is it cool to have your pants lowered like that? Yes, it is
– according to the mainstream media. It then hit me how ridiculous that scene was
and how embarrassed that kid got after he got that comment. After realizing the true perception behind that ‘fashion’, he switched by slowly pulling his pants back up. 
Therefore, knowing the essence of any behavior, trend or culture is crucial to our being. It is crazy how much distortion a pure source can go through.

The mainstream media has been acting like a stereotype factory, diminishing everything that was once pure to materialism. 
The music industry is bleeding fakeness. That was one of the reasons that got me into starting up a “breathing
space” that I called RE-VOLT!

I was sick of whats being played on the FM Radio, this blog came together , one that showcases artists that didn't get a shot to be on FM or TV. I found in their music & lyrics, awareness, culture & cause. 

I got into hip hop because of the fact that its misrepresented by the music industry - they project the wrong image about Hip hop. Hip Hop is a cultural movement. As KRS-ONE (A Legendary Hip Hop Artist) Said -"Hip means to know , Hop means to move, Hip Hop is an intelligent movement" 
It is a cultural movement. 

The so called Hip hop that you listen to nowadays is not real, its actually stripping away everything real about this genre/culture. Money oriented acts, thirsty for publicity artists, ridiculous lyrics with no flair. 

Hip Hop is a voice of the voiceless - its a tool of expressing the real "YOU" - the elements of hip-hop are sadly nearly gone from all music videos & its sad. 

Real hip hop does exist but you really got to dig deep to find the real mind elevating lyrics/artists 

Hip Hop is universal - its a bridging Culture tool & as Arabs we should be proud that we have a great hip hop movement that talks about the youth. It is saturated with empowerment, with revolution , cause & awareness. 

Arabic Hip Hop artists sing their concerns that paves for a better united Arabia...

Listen to this track by Omar Offendum called "Superhero" 

- My hard work & dedication has resulted in me lainching Saudi's first FM Hip Hop Radio Show - The show "Laish Hip Hop?" which means "Why Hip Hop?" is the first time real hip hop & the true essence of this art form gets discussed on Arab wavelength - the show airs every Thursday from 9-10:30 PM (Saudi Time) | 2-:30 PM (NY Time) - I am blessed to have the support of the artists & a great following of same minded individuals that believe in the power of the word.

On this day, I would take inspiration from #Felix & say ..The world is a beautiful place from way up there but it's the leaders down here who are ruining it ...

Peace & Love..

Big Hass

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