Wednesday, December 21, 2011

BIG HASS Interviews Shadia Mansour on Laish Hip Hop? Live on MIX FM Saudi Arabia

The First Lady Of Arabic Hip Hop is on my show live talkin Hip Hop & discussing her track "Koffeyya Arabeyya" which we play after the interview.
Salute to a true soul.
Watch Out for the album coming out sooon.

Laish Hip Hop is Saudi's 1st FM Hip Hop Radio Show & I play & support Local/Arab & international artists that dont get FM Support.

I am live every Thu from 9-10 PM Local Time on Mix FM Saudi Arabia.


  1. HEY BIG HASS thank you so much for supporting the real side of hip hop your one of a few, keep it going and one day when im good enough im gona be in this blog:) all the love and support from kuwait from your brother mishare
    keep showing people what music is all about you got my reaspect bro .

  2. Salam Mishare. What Up? Appreciate the big support. It is people like U that always keep me going & Inshalla we connect bro. Thanks again.
    Hit me up on my email