Monday, October 31, 2011


I had the honor of speaking at a Tedx Stage earlier this Oct. Much respect to my family Ziad Jarrar (Insanniah) who actually pushed to get me in & gave me an awesome introduction here. Also Thanks to Bander Mutlaq for the opportunity. I speak in 5 min about Hip Hop & Re-Volt. I was real nervous since this was my first real public speaking event & there were around 1,300 people present. So wtach it & do let me know your feedback. 1 love

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  1. i know that Ziad is an excellent presenter but i didn't know that you share the same presentation gens with him :).
    the lyrics that you mentioned at the end of your presentation are so touching and made me understand more what you stand for for.

    Hurray for HASS and good luck bro.