Wednesday, September 21, 2011

HIP HOP GROUP IN SAUDI ARABIA | Run Junction Releases Their Debut Album "J City Chronicles"

Run Junction is a Mult-National Hip-Hop group founded in Jeddah, KSA (end of 2010).
It consists of 6 MC's & 4 Producers as well as designers, artists & photographers.

On the mic you got Anas Arabi,Kaffien, Majic, Moh Flow , Tim Granite & Vizion. As for the 1's & 2's you got Unkle Saif, MindCircus, Uzi & Anas Arabi.

They released their DEBUT ALBUM : J City Chronicles (which you can download for FREE HERE)

"Hip Hop isnt about holding a mic & start rapping, its beyond that" Saif Saud "Unkle Saif" says on the release of the album, he goes on & says " We are trying to raise the bar, motivate young MC's to go harder"

They are trying to establish a market for "real" hip hop here in the Kingdom..The album already got great feedback from legendary producer "Fredwreck" & some of the artists like Syrian/Americana Omar Offendum & even Black Mccloud.

"We have what it takes & we are halfway through the SECOND album" Saif continues. Run Junction is trying to educate/aware the people of Saudi Arabia about this culture.
"A Full Album produced by producers from Saudi Arabia for the FIRST TIME! & its nothing less that what we hear from outside producers quality & Music wise. Its well structured & on point Al-Hamdulilah"

Give it a listen & support these brothers!

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