Saturday, December 4, 2010


Eslam Jawaad is a rapper of Lebanese-Syrian origin. I got introduced to his music since I started re-volt back in October 09. He mainly raps in English but does have few Arabic tracks that are mind blowing. Jawaad is all about being real and true to your self.. Whether you are commercial or not ; he praises & supports real artists that follow their true lives. He has collaborated with the likes of Gorillaz, Wu-Tang on big Hip Hop shows all around the world.

Eslam is currently based in London but does appear in shows in the Middle East & the region. RE-VOLT will of course work on getting Eslam to perform for his fans in the region!

He's currently working on his 2nd album after The Mammoth Tusk..(if you didnt peep that .. do it now)

RE-VOLT caught up with this real hip hop artist for a great discussion on his news..Check it out. Mad respect to Eslam for his time

You can follow Eslam here:

THE FULL AUDIO INTERVIEW (just click play below)

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