Saturday, July 31, 2010

RE-VOLT POST : Liberian Amputee Soccer Narrated by NAS

This really got to me. I saw it a while back on ESPN & decided to look it up. NAS is great on the narration and did it just justice. Check it out & leave your feedback.

It's strongly done and narrated. The ability of sports to bring people together no matter what. This is a story about how Amputee Football united a nation.

Its a very uplifting story about group of men that never give up and twisted their weakness into strength.

The below is the trailer (3 min). To watch the full episode which is 13 min right here:

E:60 Liberian Amputee Soccer Tease feat. Nas from E60 on Vimeo.

Tuesday May 4th E:60 presents the story of the Liberian Amputee Soccer Team, featuring narration and music by Nas.

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  1. An inspiring story. The youth of our world should not suffer the consequences of the careless political decisions the governments of the world take, leading into wars, devastation and destruction. This unique program indeed heals a victimized young nation from its physical and emotional 'scars'. Programs such as this one, in the aim of healing, comforting, helping and empowering should be spread all over, where it is needed most.