Saturday, February 13, 2010


REVOLT had the chance to Interview BIG A Live from Detroit City !

Here's little bit about Big A:

Born and raised in South Lebanon Big A witnessed 3 wars to which he lost a lot of friends and relatives and his album "Conscious Gangsta" 2008 was heavily influenced by the principles of resistance and the freedom to occupied Arab land.

He made a name for himself in the Detroit underground after sharing stages with KRS ONE, Invincible and One Be Lo to name a few.

His profile was raised after landing several interviews and features with Al Akhbar Newspaper, The Arab American News, SPIN Magazine, Yasour and so on.

Big A focuses on building his events around community, university and school environments in addition to performing at Hip hop venues from Detroit to Chicago to Minnesota and beyond.

His style is all about honest expression and sincere lyrical flows.

He met DJ Lethal Skillz in 2008 and started representing for the 961 Underground family since then. January 2010 marked Big A as the newest member of 961 Underground.

Download & Listen to 4 Tracks (You gota love BIG SMILE) (Free!)

THE FULL INTERVIEW ( You Gota check it - This guy has something BiG to say- SO hear it out)


  1. Fighting against oppression with the most powerful tool..musica ! :)
    Loved the terms " freedom movement" "good virus" .. going to check out the blog right now mc Big A :D see you in June/July 2010 !!!
    Inshallah your hard work will pay off Hass mwa

  2. much respect Faten!! Thanks YO!
    add me on facebook: