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20 Arab Female Artists To Look Out For !!

I've always been vocal about showing love and support to Arab Female Artists, so I just wanted to compile few artists that I believe you need to look out for, below is the list:-
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Shébani, Reem Ekay, Fafa & Ghaliaa

  • Shébani: This Iraqi Dubai Based Singer/Songwriter is a hard worker. Her song-writing skills is something that I totally respect. In Aug '16, she released her first EP entitled "Alter Ego" produced by RAYAN, and then she started releasing singles & collaborations with few artists in the UAE. She's truly unique and has a great vibe about her.

  • Reem Ekay: Architect, Singer/Songwriter based in Dubai. R&B vibes with some incredible songwriting. She released her first EP in Dec 2018 produced by AY. She mainly performs in English and I hope someday I see her on a "Sudanese themed" beat because she will kill that..

  • FAFA: Emirati Singer/Songwriter. Soul/R&B are her vibes. Her strongest qualities are her powerful voice and stage presence. Fafa will pull you in her world. Her live performance is something you wouldn't want to miss. She just dropped her first original song entitled "Running (Can't Stope Me)" and one can see that she's born to do this! We need more singles from this one this year!

  • GHALIAA: The first time I heard Ghaliaa, I had goosebumps.. Syrian Singer/Songwriter. What I love about her is that she was able to fight stereotypes by using the fact that she's veiled as a source of inspiration for other women. She has released few singles and is on a mission to release an EP very soon. She plays the Guitar, The Oud, Keyboard and performs in English, French & Arabic. 

Mougleta, TamTam, Dounia, ROTANA

  • MOUGLETA: Lebanese Singer/Songwriter and simply incredible performer. Her voice is truly unique and at a very young age, she was able to capture the hearts of so many that have heard her. She's currently in Germany pursuing music professionally and I expect big things from her in 2019!

  • TAMTAM: Saudi Singer, based in LA (USA). She has one EP & one full album under her belt. She uses her music to also discuss few social topics which I totally respect. 

  • DOUNIA: Moroccan - American artist. She's signed to EMPIRE which is an American distribution company and record label founded in 2010 by Ghazi Shami. Catch a vibe with Dounia, I personally would love to hear more "Moroccan Themed" instrumentals with her voice on those records! She Dope!

  • ROTANA: Saudi Artist based in the USA. She's vocal about women empowerment and always fighting stereotypes through her music because of perceptions some people might have about Saudi women. Would love to see more work from ROTANA this year and also a collaboration with an Arab Hip-Hop Artist!  

Tina Yamout, MANAL, ABIR & Dina El Wedidi 

  • TINA YAMOUT: Lebanese Singer/Songwriter. Tina has succeeded in paving her own way through the Lebanese Music scene and finding her own voice without confirming to your typical "mainstream" melodies. She's bilingual (English & Arabic), but currently she's focusing on Arabic lyrics. I vibe with Tina and I wish her the best, she's humble and has a vision to reach high places. 

  • MANAL : Defies misogyny in every aspect. This Moroccan Singer/Songwriter has taken the MENA region by storm with her fierce yet simply lyrics. Her videos showcase the true talent and vibe of where she comes from. She's truly passionate. She's signed to SONY Music. she embodies the future of women in her country by inspiring them and encouraging them to believe in themselves. Her releases so far has been in Arabic & French!

  • ABIR : Moroccan Artist based in USA. I feel the two next years will be huge for her. I am looking forward for her to include more Arabic influencers in her music weather its the beats, the vibe, the culture. Check out her vibe!!

  • DINA EL-WEDIDI : Egyptian Singer. She is what I call the voice! her vocal chords are incredible. There is this one song of her when she performed on "Bassem Yousef's Show", called "El Haram" - that automatically made me a fan. I feel she blends the Egyptian Authentic culture with the modern vibes 

Gaidaa, Hana Malhas, Yasmine Hamdan & Lolo Zouaï

  • GAIDAA : Sudanese Singer. She's based in Holland. You will quickly be drawn to her vibe. I can't wait to see what she has for us in 2019. 

  • HANA MALHAS : Singer-songwriter from Jordan. Her vibe is electro-acoustic pop. She is also the founder of a series called "Bala Feesh" which is a series of events aimed to support artists by having them perform LIVE. 

  • Yasmine Hamdan : Lebanese singer, songwriter and actress, now based in Paris. She became known with Soapkills, the duo she founded with Zeid Hamdan while she was still living in Beirut, Lebanon. She's an OG of the underground/indie movement in Arabia. She's someone who was able to change misconception about the Arab region because she gets a lot of gigs in Europe and people are always drawn to her music & performance. Her live performance is NOT TO BE MISSED! She performs mainly in Arabic.

  • Lolo Zouaï : Algerian-French. I recently discovered her and want to get to know her music but she drew me in with her below song. I believe she uses her music to deliver a message and even though its R&B, I don't think all of it is all about love. I personally want to see her also reflect on her Algerian/Arab background. That would be so cool to see with her kind of talent !

Malak El Husseiny, Rosegold, Emaan Zadjali & Lea Makhoul 

  • Malak El Husseiny  : Egyptian Based Singer/Songwriter who is just driven by art. I hope we see more original music from her as I think that her music is untapped and just waiting to be discovered even more. 

  • Rosegold  : When I first found out about Palestinian-Canadian producer Rosegold, I was extremely happy to see a female music producer from the region. I then discovered that she also has a great voice which for me is also incredible and its a no-brainer not to feature talent like that on Re-Volt. Check her out here in a collaboration with MVRS. 

  • Emaan Zadjali  : Omani/American Singer/Songwriter. Her vibe is a contemporary R&B sound, as well as some new age funk. I look forward to more music in 2019 !

  • Lea Makhoul  Lebanese/French Singer that carries out feel-good pop music, sweet personality. I believe she's still searching for her sound and with the help of Universal MENA, I believe she will be able to accomplish that.

Honorary Mentions:

Jana Diab 
  • Jana Diab: She is the daughter of legendary Egyptian Singer Amr Diab. Her voice is truly out of this world and leaves me wondering what the future could hold for this sensation. Below is an original, I hope she drops more very soon. She's so so good! 

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